Schedule of Events and Keynote Speaker

CSURF 2021

CSURF 2021 Schedule

Thank you for joining us for this year's virtual CSURF conference! We enjoyed an amazing lineup of presentations from undergraduate students that are doing incredible work with their faculty mentors right here in Colorado Springs!

This year we had over 100 presentations from students at USAFA, Colorado College, and UCCS! Below you will find links to recordings of these presentations organized by subject area. 

If you have any questions, contact Margie Oldham ( .

Access Instructions

  1. Below are links to a listing of the presentations organized by the TEAMS room they took place in along with a general subject area. Click on the subject area of interest and you will be directed to a page listing each presentation that took place in that room.
  2. On this page, you will be able to view the titles for each presentation in that room along with the author names and time of presentation. Clicking on the title will take you to the abstract for that presentation.
  3. Choose which presentations you would like to view and return to the listing below to locate the video recording of that session. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, there are not available recordings for all presentations.
  4. Technical difficulties? Please reach out to Margie Oldham at or Jennifer Poe at jpoe@uccs.

Presentation Sessions

Session 1

Session 2

Room 1: Biology and Chemistry Chair: Andrew Klocko (UCCS)

Room 1: Biology and Chemistry Chair: James Kovacs (UCCS)

Room 2: Biology and Chemistry Chair: Sara Hanson (CC)

Video Recording

Room 2: Biology and Chemistry Chair: Andrew Klocko (UCCS)

Video Recording

Room 3: Physics and Astronautics Chair Capt Joshua Key (USAFA)

Video Recording

Room 3: Biology and Chemistry Chair: Sara Rodriguez (UCCS)
Room 4: Computer and Cyber Sciences Chair: Steven Fulton (USAFA)

Room 4:  Physics Chair: Maj Daniel O'keefe (USAFA)

Video Recording

Room 5: Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair: Steve Hadfield (USAFA)

Video Recording

Room 5: Foreign Language and International Studies Chair: Dean Lynn Vidler (UCCS)

Video Recording

Room 6: Civil, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering Chair: Joel Sloan (USAFA)

Room 6: History Chair: Susan Vandagriff (UCCS)

Video Recording

Room 7: History Chair: Glenn Rohlfing (PPCC)

Room 7: Psychology and Political Science Chair: Jennifer Poe (UCCS)

Video Recording

Room 8: Military/Strategic Studies and Psychology Chair: Lori Driscoll (CC)

Room 8: Management Chair: Christina Radar (CC)

Video Recording

Room 9: Management Chair: Jenna Benson (PPCC)

Room 9: Political Science and Law Chair: Vice Provost Pedro de Araujo (CC)

Video Recording

Room 10: Political Science and Law Chair: Robin Schofield (PPCC)

Video Recording

Room 10: Military/Strategic Studies Chair Maj Levi Barnett (USAFA)

Video Recording

Keynote Address from Mr. Tory Bruno